From Digital 132 to Evolution and vice versa!

From Digital 132 to Evolution and vice versa!

We regularly receive the question whether you can also use the Digital 132 cars on an Evolution race track or vice versa. This is certainly possible and therefore it is high time that we pay attention to this. In this article we will take a closer look at the differences and possibilities that Carrera offers you.

Analog vs. Digital technology

Before looking at the cars it is important to understand that Evolution is based on Analog technology and Digital 132 on digital technology. Carrera collectors undoubtedly know this and we see that it is often a conscious choice of people for which platform they choose.

Evolution's cars and tracks have a lower price point but certainly offer the unique racing experience you're looking for when racing a track. Thanks to the digital platform, Digital 132 offers more extras, both visually and in sound. In addition, Digital 132 also offers more options in terms of expanding your race track, which in particular benefits the racing experience.

Carrera releases new models every year and these new models are often marketed in both a Digital 132 or Evolution variant. However, there are exceptions and then it is good to know that you can convert the cars from one platform to another.

Digital 132 car on an Evolution race track

The Carrera Digital 132 are very easy to use on an Evolution race track. Each car contains a switch at the bottom that allows you to adjust the polarity from Digital to Analog and back again. By putting the switch in the correct position, the car will drive on a Digital 132 or an Evolution race track. As a point of attention, we would like to point out that not all functionalities that you are used to from a Digital 132 car also function on an Evolution track.

This has to do with the fact that Evolution is an analog technology. But the main goal, racing, is certainly no problem at all.

Evolution car on a Digital 132 race track

It is certainly possible to run an Evolution car on a Digital 132, but it is a bit more work than the other way around. You must first replace the decoder inside the car with a digital decoder. This may sound complicated but it is actually very simple and anyone can do it.

It is important that you choose the right digital decoder for the car you want to convert. You have the standard digital decoder (article 26732) that is suitable for standard cars. For the F1 cars you need the digital decoder with article 26740. If you want to convert an Evolution car equipped with flashing lights, you need the digital decoder with article 26743.

In summary, it is therefore possible to exchange the cars of both platforms with each other. This is also useful if you have always used an Evolution racetrack but want to switch to a Digital 132 racetrack. You can not only convert the cars, but also your existing racetrack parts. Enough choice. If you have any questions or if you are not sure exactly what you need, send us an email and we will be happy to help you.


on Jul 7, 2023