Carrera Release 2024

Carrera Release 2024

Carrera First

Carrera will release 4 new sets and 4 new individual cars in 2024. The themes will be superheroes, 2 sets and 2 cars in the Batman theme from DC Comics and 2 sets and 2 cars in the Spiderman theme from Marvel.

Carrera GO!!!

For Carrera Go!!! Carrera will release 12 new sets and 26 new cars in 2024. There will be 4 sets in the Formula 1 theme, and there are also new sets in the NASCAR theme. Carrera will also launch new sets in 2024 that are equipped with wireless controllers. Carrera Go!!! also comes with a nice set in the Spiderman theme.

For the cars we see the new RB19 from Max Verstappen. Also many new models from Ferrari and Porsche. Also new are the separate NASCAR cars, no fewer than 4 different ones.

Carrera Evolution

At Evolution we can expect a new set in the NASCAR theme, which is expected around the third quarter of 2024. No fewer than 37 new cars will be released in 2024. Here are models from Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes and more. But also 4 NASCAR cars. The VW Bus that was introduced in 2023 will also be expanded with 2 additional models.

Carrera Digital 132

Carrera will launch 2 new sets for the Digital 132 series in 2024, 1 of which has a NASCAR theme. Carrera is also releasing no fewer than 37 new models for individual cars, just like for Evolution. All new models will be available from the 3rd quarter of 2024. This also applies to the sets.

Carrera Digital 124

Carrera expects to release 2 new Mix 'n Race sets for the Digital 124 this year. Of these, 1 set will become a “Luxury Edition”. It remains to be seen what this will entail, but as soon as we have more information we will certainly pay attention to this. Digital 124 fans can also look forward to 13 new cars planned for 2024. Including BMW, Porsche and Audi.

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on Jan 25, 2024