Carrera Racetracks, a sustainable choice?

Carrera Racetracks, a sustainable choice?

In 2023 it is important for consumers that products are sustainable. This certainly also applies to toys. At Racebaan Expert we also value great importance to this and this is certainly one of the reasons that we chose Carrera products.


A sustainable product means, among other things, that you can expect that the quality of a product is simply good and will not break after 2 or 3 uses. Carrera produces all its products in line with the highest standards. This means that a race track can last for many years without problems under normal use.

Does this mean that nothing can go wrong? No definitely not. As with any other product, something can certainly break on a race track. The nice thing is that you can order almost all parts for Carrera racetracks separately. By replacing a defective part, you can easily extend the life of your race track.

At Carrera, this does not only apply to parts on the race track itself, no, parts are also replaceable in many cases with Carrera cars. Think of tire sets, axle sets and many more parts.


Product packaging is also an important part when it comes to sustainability. At Carrera we see that there is certainly attention for this. Previously, almost all packaging was made of plastic. At the moment we see that the vast majority of packaging is made of cardboard, the plastic that is still used is fully recyclable.

Carrera has also made the packaging of its products more compact and efficient, which not only means less waste per product, but also ensures that more products can reach consumers all over the world with less transport. Together, this in turn makes a positive contribution to CO2 reduction.

Conscious choice

We think it is important that people make a conscious choice and we therefore continue to discuss this with our customers and also with Carrera itself. The sustainability of products is the responsibility of the entire chain and therefore also for Racebaan Expert.

For example, we recycle all shipping packaging through reuse. We try to reuse everything when we ship items. We work together with PostNL and DHL for all our transport because these carriers also clearly have the theme of sustainability on their agenda.

Is a choice for a Carrera race track a conscious sustainable choice? We think so. Of course there is still room for improvement in the entire chain, even though many things have already been improved. What is most important is that we and certainly Carrera are very consciously involved with the theme and that we make continuous improvements that make a positive contribution.

If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us.


on Jun 10, 2023